Saturday, March 1, 2008

Competency #6: Building Block, LibraryLit

Strategy: I changed a few words in my building blocks until I had a manageable number.

Search Results:
31 Records found for (cataloging or technical services) Smart Search AND (competency or skills) Smart Search AND (college or university) Smart Search
In Library Lit & Inf Full Text

Here is hit #3.

Glasser, S. The Changing Face of Cataloging Positions at Academic Institutions: What Skill Set is Needed, and How Can Students Prepare?. The Serials Librarian v. 51 no. 3/4 (2007) p. 39-49 Peer Reviewed

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Reflection: I like the building block search the best. I use it a lot. I think this search ended well because 31 hits is quite manageable.

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