Saturday, March 29, 2008

Competency#8: Internet, Library of Congress

The Library of Congress has a great web site which is very helpful to the cataloging librarian. Searching with Google, I found the cataloging and acquisitions homepage at This site has links to cataloging tools such as MARC code lists and authority records, and news of interest to catalogers. This site is packed and will take a while to explore. I chose this web site because it is like homebase for the cataloging librarian. Great information for the cataloging librarian can be found at this site.

Competency #7: Multimedia

I really like this library map poster. It illustrates the Dewey system which I use in cataloging books and other items for the library where I work. It is a great visual of how a cataloger first selects a main "path" and then looks for the most specific number for the book being cataloged. I wonder if catalogers' brains have a similar look to them? :) I found this image when I searched on Google Image under "dewey decimal system."

If you start with just you will start with and even larger information map. You can click at different points in the collage of maps and the smaller ones will jump out. I think the whole site graphically illustrates the librarian pursuing information.

Competency #6: Citation Pearl, WorldCat

My pearl:

Avram, H. D. Developing catalogers for the nation: problems and issues in training cataloging librarians for the future {on-the-job-training at LC}. In: Recruiting, educating, and training cataloging librarians. Greenwood Press, 1989

This is actually a chapter or essay in the book
Recruiting, educating, and training cataloging librarians.

Once I found it in WorldCat, I discovered that there was only one other book by this author, not helpful. I could use the subject list for the book to grow my pearl.

Descriptor: Catalogers -- Recruiting -- Congresses.
Catalogers -- Education -- Congresses.
Catalogers -- In-service training -- Congresses.
Librarians -- Recruiting -- Congresses.
Library education -- Congresses.
Cataloging -- Congresses.

I used these keywords from the subject list:

S1 = cataloging librarians
S2 = education
S3 = in-service

Here is the second hit. The first one was my pearl.

BookSelf-assessment guide for cataloging.
Publication: St. Paul, Minn. (440 Capitol Square Building, 550 Cedar Street, St. Paul, Minn. 55101) : Office of Library Development and Services, 1986
Document: English : Book
Libraries Worldwide: 24
More Like This: Advanced options ...
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This search did not give me what I was looking for. I think I would get a better result if I did this same search in Academic Search Complete or LibLit.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Competency #6: Successive Fractions, Academic Search Complete

Search Question: How has technology changed cataloging?

A. Search using a broad facet: Academic Libraries
B. Narrow by adding second facet: Cataloging and Technical Services
C. Narrow by adding third facet: technology
D. Combine with Boolean logic: (academic libraries) and (cataloging or technical services) and (technology)

Total Hits: 49

First hit:

1. Add Reinventing the OPAC. By: Eden, Brad. Library Technology Reports, Nov/Dec2007, Vol. 43 Issue 6, p13-40, 28p; (AN 27425402)

Reflection: I like using Academic Search Complete. This was a great search giving me lots of useful items to look at. 49 hits is not too many, however, I could limit to academic journals and have 38 items from which to choose.

Saturday, March 1, 2008

Competency #6: Specific Facet, ERIC Internet

Strategy: It was tricky to find the right combination of keywords. I chose to limit publication to the past 8 years. This also helped narrow the search.

  • Publication Date: 2000-2008
  • ((Keywords:cataloging) and (Keywords:issues) and (Keywords:library)) and Full-Text Available
I have included a screen shot of hit #4. There were 13 total.

4. From Card Catalogues to WebPACs: Celebrating Cataloguing in the 20th Century. (ED454854)



Gorman, Michael



Pub Date:


Pub Type(s):

Opinion Papers; Speeches/Meeting Papers



Cataloging; Library Catalogs; Online Systems; Standards; World Wide Web

This paper provides an overview of cataloging in the 20th century. Highlights include: (1) issues in 1901, including the emerging cooperative cataloging system and the work of Charles Ammi Cutter; (2) the 1908 code, i.e., "Catalog Rules: Author and Title Entries," published in British and Amer Note:The following two links are not-applicable for text-based browsers or screen-reading software. Show Full Abstract

Full-Text Availability Options:

PDF ERIC Full Text (343K)

Reflection: This was an OK search. I only got 13 items, but one of these could be a good starting place for a growing pearl search. You never know. This one article is great.

When I went back to edit, the same search revealed 29 hits. Oh what a difference a few days make. I still like the #4 hit of the first search best.

Competency #6: Building Block, LibraryLit

Strategy: I changed a few words in my building blocks until I had a manageable number.

Search Results:
31 Records found for (cataloging or technical services) Smart Search AND (competency or skills) Smart Search AND (college or university) Smart Search
In Library Lit & Inf Full Text

Here is hit #3.

Glasser, S. The Changing Face of Cataloging Positions at Academic Institutions: What Skill Set is Needed, and How Can Students Prepare?. The Serials Librarian v. 51 no. 3/4 (2007) p. 39-49 Peer Reviewed

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Reflection: I like the building block search the best. I use it a lot. I think this search ended well because 31 hits is quite manageable.